Voters for  Transparency
Term Limits 

A Proposal to Require Financial Disclosure by Michigan Elected Officials and Reduce Term Limits

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Michigan deserves financial transparency from its statewide elected officials and term limits that lead to strong leadership and good government.  Michigan and Idaho are the only two states in the country that do not require their state elected officials to file personal financial disclosures and our term limits law hasn’t been updated in three decades.  Michigan can and must do better!


 A bipartisan coalition, chaired by former Michigan Chamber of Commerce President Rich Studley and former Michigan AFL-CIO President Mark Gaffney, has come together to form Voters for Transparency and Term Limits. The ballot committee is proposing a constitutional amendment that would promote financial transparency and reduce term limits. 

The amendment would:

(1) Require Financial Disclosure

Require members of the legislature and the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State to disclose their finances.  This proposal would bring Michigan in line with 48 states and Congress that currently require disclosures.


(2) Reduce & Improve Term Limits

Reduce term limits from 14 years to a combined 12 years, the limit on terms of service in the Michigan House of Representatives and Michigan Senate, but allow the entire 12 years to be served in either the House or Senate, which is currently not permitted.